Honeycomb walls fallen to the wayside

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Honeycomb walls fallen to the wayside

Now that hive is gone (for now till we get the bug branch or bug-themed floors for lair, right?), someone needs to edit some of the bee vaults to have more honeycomb walls with embedded goodies. The rectangular vaults should have at least one unexposed wall coated in honeycomb, potentially with items behind it.

Yes, no, maybe?
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Re: Honeycomb walls fallen to the wayside

Why remove wax walls? There are still bee vaults outside of Hive.

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Re: Honeycomb walls fallen to the wayside

Bear in mind Hive will probably come back as a (non-guaranteed) portal vault at some point or other. At the moment it's waiting on some portal vault code reworking to be tested out, at least.

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