Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

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Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

This god proposal attempts to fill the design space of a "Defensive God." This god should be attractive to races that have poor natural defenses like ogres, and races that have fewer escape options like formicids and naga.

Appreciates: Proving your loyalty, creating altars for him, standing your ground

Deprecates: Running away from fights

Wsomething (working title) is the deity of protection and loyalty. Every time you go to a new level, a marker is placed, and you are given vision of its location. You must prove your loyalty by travelling to the marker and erecting an altar using his first ability. This grants you piety and temporary benefits/drawbacks, listed below. He dislikes it when you leave a level without first creating the altar. Piety does not decay over time. Followers of Wsomething will receive personal protection, but not offensive power. He is a preserver, not a destroyer.

Wsomething dislikes cowards, believing that you should trust in your abilites to grant victory. Destroying an altar with disintegration causes Wsomething to abandon you. Running up stairs or teleporting with monsters in view might cause piety loss.

Abilities Granted:

...... - Create altar: Creates an altar to Wsomething at a spot of your choice. Creating the altar at the spot determined by Wsomething grants piety. Creating an altar temporarily afflicts you with mark of the sentinel, but also temporarily grants you hp and mp regeneration and bonus AC as long as you stay in LoS. Bonuses scale with piety. Killing enemies during this period, and while standing in sight of the altar grants piety. Eventually, the mark and the bonuses disappear and you no longer gain piety for killing monsters in LoS. Running away with enemies in sight before the effect is over causes penance. If you leave when there are no enemies to defend against, there is no penalty. This ability is sort of like a once-per-level defense mini game. You can avoid the mini game by killing nearby enemies before creating the altar, but you get less piety. On the other hand, since piety doesn't decay over time, this might not be such a bad thing.

*..... - Holy Cloak: Activated ability. Slows your movement, but grants AC, MR, bonus hit points and preservation for a short time. Costs piety and mp. The AC and HP gain from this mechanic should be opaque, and there should be some way for the player to know ahead of time how much they will get, possibly with ^.

**.... - Stand your Ground: You gain bonus AC for every enemy adjacent to you. The bonus goes up the more enemies you fight at once.

***... - Glyph of Wsomething: Activated ability. Creates a temporary glyph that exalts Wsomething's glory. As long as you stand on the glyph, you gain rC+, rF+, rN+, rElec and DMsl. Duration depends on your invocation skill, and is VERY small at low levels of invocations. Costs piety and mp.

****.. - No new abilities gained.

*****. - Grand Cross: Activated ability. Raises temporary stone walls at a target location. The walls can't be adjacent to two or more walls, so you can't block passages. You target a 3x3 cross area with the ability, and a wall is guaranteed to be created at the center. Each other tile checks if a tile can be created there (i.e. if it wouldn't block a passage or create a blocked passage, if there's no monster standing there), then checks your invo and piety to see if a tile IS created there. At max piety and invocation, you can potentially create a 3x3 cross of tiles.

****** - Break Defenses: passive ability. When an enemy damages you, there is a chance to reduce their armor and MR. This ability stacks multiple times, and the chance is based on damage dealt. Defensive characters are more prone to drawn-out conflicts, which this ability benefits.

The conduct of this god is a sort of defense mini game that you can take or leave depending on how much piety you need. The main draw of worshiping Gereval is mountain cloak, which acts as a sort of statue form for melee fighters. Raise wall is a tactical ability for controlling crowds, which ogres and slow species hate. Crystal body is not the most interesting ability, but I think it works, thematically.

Leaving Wsomething causes a delayed retribution. He is a patient god, and will give you some time to return to him. If you don't, you suffer his wrath.
30%: strong earth miscast effect.
30%: degrades your armor.
20%: punishes you by reducing you MR and AC while in combat
20%: surrounds you with enemies

Wsomething's text is brown. Altars of Wsomething are called "Finely crafted."

The Defensive God Proposal is nearing the final stretch of its development. The abilities are mostly final, but we are still looking for input on them. We now need tiles and a name, and we're looking for contributions.

We need tiles for the following objects:
An altar
A marker for the altar space (should be transparent, like silence or sanctuary)
1-3 types of glyph (should be transparent)
God abilities, listed above

We have a number of possibilities for the name:


If you have a name that you think is better than one of these, post it and I'll consider adding it to the OP. After 24 hours, I will put up a poll for the name.

We are always looking for feedback on the theme and abilities.
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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

I'll throw in a couple names for consideration:

Hrothir, The Stalwart
Uvitar, The Unbending
Ramvahl, The Bulwark

Also, if it's alright, I'd like to suggest titles for piety stars:

- "Novice"
* "Guardsman"
** "[Species Name] Defender"
*** "Protector"
**** "Unyielding Bulwark"
***** "Warden of [God's name]"
****** "Thousand-Eyed Sentinel" or "Immortal Sentinel"


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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

Two quick notes/suggestions: This god should give 100% protection from shafts upon joining, and should either provide immunity against, or else not penalize you for, unintended teleports (also upon joining).

Random name suggestion:

Harthekken, the Unrelenting

(Origin: Made a portmanteau of the names of a Danish and a Norwegian king, squinted at it. Unrelenting seems to be an appropriate epithet.)

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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

Since this thread has generated no discussion, me and thundamoo have decided to name the god without a poll.
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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

And what is that name?

Also, I support this proposal.
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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

The god's official name is Rhundival the Steadfast, or just Rhundival. It is pronounced "Rune-dih-vall."

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Re: Defensive God Proposal: Naming and Tiles

Is there any interest remaining in this god?

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