Display Level Boundaries More Clearly

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Display Level Boundaries More Clearly

Display the outer boundary of all rock-walled dungeon levels (all levels with diggable walls as boundaries, in other words) as being made of unnaturally hard rock wall, the same as labyrinths are now.

- No confusion for players about which walls they can and cannot dig into when near the edge of a level.
- Provides console players with information already given to tiles players, who can already see level boundaries on the mini-map.

Really, do we even need to talk about a change that takes away a tiles_reason? No, no we do not. Also it sucks trying to dig a hole to get out of the LoS of some group of nasties and finding out that nope, you can't dig through here. This happens to me not infrequently with blink frogs in Lair.

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Re: Display Level Boundaries More Clearly

Makes sense to me. The edges of Shoals and certain lava-y areas already have their own separate terrain to mark the boundaries (open sea and endless lava), and if you can't dig through it anyways...
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