Beorg command ability proposal

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Beorg command ability proposal


This topic is very related to the "Beogh play style questions" one. So I maybe just mistake on the Beogh way.
I was thinking that having intelligent allies would have put more management in the game-play. Finally micromanaging is boring and macromanaging is like playing summoner or necro.

Why don't remove the recall ability and give a command ability instead.

- you can make a base camps on the level (from where you can send your allies or call them).
- you can give a specific equipment to a named orc.
- you can give individual orders to a named orc.
- you can put orcs under the order of a bigger named orc (Orc < Orc Warrior = wizard = priest < Orc knight = sorcerer = high priest < Orc warlord) they will follow the order you gave him.
- you can specify the attitude of your orcs - defensive (they always try to avoid fights) - neutral (they fight aggressive opponents) - aggressive (they always try to fight) -
- obedience : the orc will obey only if you win a test : Invocation vs hit dice

or not
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Re: Beorg command ability proposal

Giving specific equipment to allies is out of the question. The current situation is not ideal, but along that way lies micromanagement hell. The best plan that I've seen so far is to make allies never pick up anything. Let god provide for them (in the case of orcs).

Singling out a subset to follow you sounds reasonable, as long as the interface is very simple. In other words, a short list of options is okay, hand picking orcs is not.

Attitudes would be alright.

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