Djinn: how do you gain essence?

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Djinn: how do you gain essence?

My title basically says it. There maybe should be a way for non-spoiled players to find out whether Spellcasting or Fighting is better (or if one doesn't contribute) to raising their essence. Currently I can't find that information anywhere.

I'm not sure where you would put it. Maybe in the skill description? maybe in the species description? It might be good in the 'A' screen. A simple line of "You are fueled by Spellcasting Essence" (or Fighting Essence, or A Combination of Fighting and Spellcasting Essence) would be enough.
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Re: Djinn: how do you gain essence?

EP is just HP plus MP. Period. Anything that would give you more HP (e.g. Fighting) gives you that much more EP. Anything that would give you more MP (e.g. Spellcasting) gives you that much more EP. There's no weirdness whatsoever; however much HP & MP you would have had, you just add them together.

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Re: Djinn: how do you gain essence?

It's not that complicated, your essence is always what your hp and mp would be in combination if the two were separate.

Fighting always contributes to your hp, and therefore essence, Spellcasting, Evocation or Invocation will always contribute to your MP (Whichever is highest) and therefore essence.

Dj are still a 'work in progress' so I'm not sure that the mechnisms used presently will continue as-is, I'm sure if it makes it's way into a stable build, more complete documentation will be one of the things that will come along with it.
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