Post Monday, 9th December 2013, 17:55

Make bad potions more interesting

Following up on the slowing -> treeform change, here are some suggestions for making potions more situationally risky.

Potion of poison- Beasts that attack you while poisoned from this potion also become poisoned from biting your toxic body.
Potion of decay- If drunk while standing on a corpse, creates a few (2-3) mushrooms around you.
Potion of paralysis+Potion of confusion -> jitters potion- +EV, confusion with regards to walking/enemy hitting, chance of reading the wrong scroll or drinking the wrong potion.
Three wins: Gargoyle Earth Elementalist of Ash, Ogre Fighter of Ru, Deep Dwarf Fighter of Makhleb (0.16 bugbuild :( )