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Would it be more interesting if movement speed of characters and monsters be more various?

Elves could have higher speed. Like 8 delay

Monsters for sure could have more various movement speed and delay. Like snakes, ooz, clamsy monsters could be slover

Heavy equipment could make you slower. This would give a possibility to build an Archer character.

What do you think guys?

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Re: Speed

I would have said no, because running away from enemies to get free attacks is a degenerate playstyle. It's not very fun and largely unrealistic. (Intelligent monsters would stop chasing and start setting up ambushes)

But with the new opportunity attacks, I wouldn't mind being faster than a few monsters. And monsters being faster than yourself has lost a lot of relevance since you can't run away anyway.
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Re: Speed

Being faster than a monster is a very powerful ability. So if you would make e.g. elves faster, you should balance them by making them weaker in some other sense.

Crawl used to have item weights and burden levels in the past. They were removed in DCSS 0.15, and I don't think they're coming back.
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Re: Speed

I think the problem with item weights/carrying capacity/etc is that it requires tedious stashing of extra ammo and the like. If you were just slowed by wearing excessively heavy armor, that might be fine. (We already have that system for ranged combat, after all.)

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Re: Speed

Aren't armours of ponderousness still in the game?

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