Post Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 11:48

feedback on recent changes

I really appreciate how the monster damage descriptions have updated!

The buffs to Palentonga feel fair. I feel Pal had been really hurt by the opportunity attacks. The shield nerf also hit them pretty hard.
(I still feel it should be changed in a way which benefits them, ith the shield penalty not completely eliminated at 27 skill, and a formula that allows species with the "require less skill to use shields" property to actually use shields better with less experience invested. For example as
    shield_penalty = encumbrance^2 / 4^(shield_skill / encumbrance * (1 - size_factor *3/20))
instead of
    shield_penalty = 2/5 * encumbrance^2 / (20 - 3 * size_factor) * (27 - shield_skill) / 27

With Refrigeration and Ramparts checking AC now, I get where you're coming from.
I'm a little sad because I would have preferred the opposite solution of making ice clouds not check AC (and granting immunity as rC++ and reducing the damage to compensate).
I hope you might consider this possibility if you ever have to revert this change :)

I love the limited Ash mutation protection and the new (randomly appearing) items! (Though ?Butterflies feels less good than ?Fog :cry: . I guess you have to stop the power creep somewhere :( )