Auto travel vs force_more_message

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Auto travel vs force_more_message

Was using auto explore with force_more_message and noticed that travel continues after pressing space. This means that when using auto travel, a player loses the ability to use force_more_message to immediately respond to the circumstances that triggered the message. As far as I'm aware, the only way to reliably respond to the triggering event is to not use auto travel, which is very tedious.

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Re: Auto travel vs force_more_message

So, here's something that even I didn't know until a couple weeks ago: force_more_message intentionally does not interrupt travel, and isn't even guaranteed to show you the more during travel; I think you only see it if something else triggers an interrupt at the same time. Use runrest_stop_message (same syntax) instead or in addition. (This situation definitely seems pretty confusing to me, but right now it is what it is.)

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