DCSS in a nutshell

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DCSS in a nutshell

I am an old timer Roguelike gamer ('85). I know I will play DCSS in the future. Right now my time is dedicated to Cataclysm DDA. I still can't seem to get a good feel for what DCSS is like from casual browsing. Can somebody sum up DCSS in a neat package for me?

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell


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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

Best. answer. ever.


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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

DCSS is a game where you learn everything by experience or by reading spoilers(the former is more adventurous, but frustrating, the latter is quicker and less painful, but more boring), if you have no information about something, you are likely to die and it's quite time consuming to learn just the basic stuff. I'm not sure if this game is worth the time you need to spend on it to win(and you need a lot more to see all levels and most features and combinations), but I love it.

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

It's really not that bad. If you have played a few roguelikes and like them, you probably already have the right expectations. There's a lot to discover, and unfortunately some important things are hard to discover by yourself. But other than that DCSS is pretty straightforward for an experienced roguelike player. There was one person a while ago who was able to win pretty soon, by reading spoilers and asking for advice a lot, but mainly because he already had the right approach. To win, you must never die.

DCSS tries to discourage grinding and needless number crunching. It tries to be fun at all levels of player skill. It tries to offer a variety of playing styles and challenges. It tries to be winnable without spoilers. It tries to have an interface that doesn't get in your way. It has come pretty far IMO.

Two tips:
1. If you play the tiles version, don't get too distracted by all the pretty pictures. Read the messages printed by the game. They are important.
2. Either play a recently released version (less than two months old), or the one currently in development. DCSS gets better all the time, so it is nice to always have the latest updates.

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

I'd actually say that DCSS is one of the least bullshit roguelikes around. There are very few "well how in the shit was I supposed to figure that out?" moments. While occasionally the RNG does screw you by giving really dangerous encounters, the difficulty comes from learning how to use your abilities and positioning properly more than most other roguelikes.

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

I concur with varioueslite. I cracked the fuck up!

To me, DCSS feels a lot like a more challenging - and more streamlined - version of Nethack. Nethack's challenge (at least the last time I played it, which was a few years ago!) would be pretty much negated with the right set of armor. Crawl, on the other hand, follows the "there's always a bigger dog" philosophy. Even the best characters will be in dire straits at certain points, but the game hardly ever throws something at you that is impossible to handle. You have to learn when to run away!

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

A pitcher that gives you a chance of hitting the ball instead of beaning you every pitch.

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

Yeah I just have to say that while I did truly just about fall out of my chair laughing there, DCSS is imho THE BEST roguelike EVER, HANDS DOWN. Everything about it is just freaking amazing. It is so polished, and it is clear that the amount of effort that has gone into every part of it is insane to even try to contemplate. You will die. But it will be your fault, unlike most other roguelikes where you die and youre just like F YOU GAME! WTF WAS THAT? With dcss its pretty much always fair. And its just so freaking MASSIVE, there is always more to explore and see(and get pwnd by = P). DCSS is not only my favorite roguelike ever, its my favorite game ever, no question. And i havnt even won a 3 rune yet >.< Play it! If you dont love it ill eat my keyboard.
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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

duvessa wrote:Image

What about adding this graphics to crawl philosophy?

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Re: DCSS in a nutshell

(this song needs Crawl-related lyrics badly)
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