General AC/EV advice

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General AC/EV advice

I've got a rule of thumb from ADOM stuck in my head; If the total EV/AC is higher by switching to a piece of armor, it's worth switching. So, say, if a light-armor wearer was at AC 3, EV 11 early game, a switch to bulkier armor which gave AC 6, EV 9 would be an upgrade.

All other things being equal (resistances etc.), and assuming I'm not spellcasting, would this be something I should be doing in Crawl, at least early on before I waste a ton of xp training dodging or armor? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Lair Larrikin

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Re: General AC/EV advice

That's what I do, too, and it seems to work fairly well against most monsters.

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Re: General AC/EV advice

I disagree. For example, if you had the basic 2 AC/11 EV, would 11 AC/2 EV be better? You might take less damage from most hits, but you would get hit every time, and against opponents like Ogres and Sigmund you can't afford to sacrifice EV. Only when your AC reaches around 25 or so can it begin to compare with 25 EV.
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Re: General AC/EV advice

It also depends on the source of the AC: if it's from (base) body armor, the increase in GDR is an important side benefit.

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