What's the best god for monks?

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What's the best god for monks?

So I've been testing Gargoyles for a while, and I gotta admit, that's the first time I'm having fun with UC.
Now I'm pretty green if it comes to monks and UC in general, so I wanted to ask: what's the best god to suit their needs?

Oka seems to be the most obvious choice, but I'm sick and tired of him, and his weapon gifts would have been useless. Same with Trog, and his hate for magic makes him an obvious no-no. Ash seems okay, but then I can't really be fully bounded without a weapon.

For now I've chosen Makhleb for his HP regen and powerful panic buttons, but I'd like to hear your opinions since I'm really not good at this stuff.

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Re: What's the best god for monks?

That's too vague a question, but if what you really want is "gods I should consider for a UC guy" then (without considering race) the generic answers would be "have you considered Nemelex, Fedhas, Kiku or Makhleb?"

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Re: What's the best god for monks?

Regardless of weapon gifts, I wouldn't be so quick to discount Oki... Heroism and Finesse are both really great for any melee character. Granted if you want a change then obviously give someone else a try, but weapon gifts are only a fraction of Oki's benefits... There's a lot to be said for getting some Javs of Pen on a melee character.
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Re: What's the best god for monks?

minmay wrote:though I wouldn't want Kiku (can't pain brand your fists)

Can I just say the exception to this for me would be a Troll Monk taking the extended game : Kiku is great for a food delivery service where monsters don't leave corpses, he blocks death curses (which is great for the Tomb, Hells and if you're using Necromancy as a support skill), he blocks torment quite a lot of the time with high piety, and you can easily create an army for taking down tough characters (corpse delivery -> animate dead / twisted resurrection / animate skeleton) without draining your piety very much.
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Re: What's the best god for monks?

okawaru early game, switch to jiyva as soon as it's practical to do so. Or if you're a heretic like me, go Chei.

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Re: What's the best god for monks?

Is self-petrify and kiku torment any good?
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