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Monk stat advice

I've looked on the wiki and whatnot, and I'm not seeing anything obvious about this: Should a monk planning to fight unarmed put more stats into STR or DEX?

I figure this might be obvious with some races, like trolls, but what about the middle-of-the-road guys?

Lair Larrikin

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Re: Monk stat advice

Generally? You don't put points into Str or Dex. You put them into Int, for reduced spell hunger costs and better spell success rates.

If you'd decided to follow Trog, or wanted to wear armor so heavy you'd have no chance of casting spells, only then would I suggest picking something besides Int.

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Re: Monk stat advice

Yeah. Generally monks are supplementary, and I've found it's almost always preferable to play as a transmuter instead because you get the unarmed skill -and- you don't have to worry about getting spellcasting later.

But assuming you have no magical want, or you worship Trog, then I think generally you want dex. This is assuming you'll be using light armor, since heavy armor (last I checked) negatively impacted your ability to use unarmed combat. But I don't know, to what extent, or how it can be mitigated by increasing strength. If it can be so, then increasing strength is good to offset the penalties of heavier armors. Also if you're wearing heavier armors, you're generally not going to be doing a whole hell of a lot of dodging, so dex will fall by the wayside.

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Re: Monk stat advice

Based on the EV penalty and the mitigating Armour skill, any weapon attack can fail. Heavier the armour, the more Armour skill is required to prevent that from happening. There is also the chance for an unarmed attack to slow down to 10 rather than the usual base 10 - (5 * Unarmed). I think this is also reduced by Armour skill. So far as I know, STR does nothing to reduce these effects.
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Re: Monk stat advice

As far as i understand it, unless you are a spellcaster the points you put into attributes (other than STR for carrying capacity) are largely arbitrary any way you go.
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Re: Monk stat advice

I was aware that STR only alleviates extra EV penalty from heavy armour, i.e. if you are Armour skill is low enough that your true EV penalty is greater than the one shown. For example, a plate mail (-6 EV) might decrease your EV by 8. This extra penalty exists until your STR is greater than 3x the EV penalty. (someone verify me on all this)

But generally, STR<DEX<INT, assuming you're going to be casting spells. INT makes a significant difference on spell success, and DEX has a large effect on EV in the late game. STR is generally useless aside from carrying capacity, because Str weighting for weapon damage is negligible, even on heavy weapons like giant clubs. And Unarmed Combat only has a weighting of 4 (out of 10) so its even more negligible.
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