What species do you never play?

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Re: What species do you never play?

Thanks casmith for the stats.

I think I'll have to play more halflings in 0.7 - I used to be a MDFi but the armour nerf led me to discover the marvels of EV, and now I like EV and that has been nerfed somewhat in 0.8.

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Re: What species do you never play?

Mhm; I kinda disagree with it, but, y'know. 'Tever.

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Re: What species do you never play?

Centaur: Crappy casting and HIGH hunger makes them too iffy to use. If they had gourmand they might be more usable, but as is the hunger mechanic dooms them.
Mummies. They apparently FINALLY got buffed in 0.8 trunk, but 0.7 (what I'm playing now) they are absolute crud at everything.
Ogres. Desperately need MORE spellcasting options to make the "beefy caster" niche viable. They suck at what they do now (suqishing things hand to hand) compared to MDs, Minos, and Trolls.
Demigods. Apparently Demigod Transmuter is viable, but they often die young, and going godless removes much of the system of panic buttons required for a character to do well in crawl. Need some sort of a "godly" rethink (getting resistances as they level up? Getting "holy" mutations vs. Demonspawn's demonic ones?)

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