Post Friday, 19th October 2012, 19:30

Need Help Getting Started?

So I figure people who come to this forum are, on average, gonna be way better than someone new to crawl might be. That said, I don't like assuming. Is there anyone out there who's still having trouble with getting started? I'm talking "I haven't ever (or rarely) get as far as the Lair?"

If so, would a live-help session be of any use? I'm considering doing a live-stream, interactive, crawl session in the near future and thought it might be nifty to dedicate it entirely to "mastering the early game". Of course, I'd only be playing easy/broken race-class comboes. Any interest?

My Wins (>25):
15-runer: OPWz, DECj, DEWz x2, VpWz
Other: DEWz, DrWz, DjWz, GnIE, KeCj, SpEn, SpWz, SpCj, MuWz, FeWzx2, MiBe x7.

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