Trying a range-focused High Elf Warper build

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Trying a range-focused High Elf Warper build

Following the recent removal of ammo enchantment, I've decided to give ranged combat a shot. The AM doesn't appeal to me so much, but doing a tloc-focused archer seems great, what with good escapes, Portal Projectle, and tele-kiting. I've been rolling HEWrs, going Oka, and picking up a bow from the first centaur I see. Unfortunately, I hit a noticeable power drop in the early midgame (Lair, D10+, etc.) when the monsters get tougher but I'm still getting bows and Oka piety online. This often results in death.

Should I be training skills differently? I currently train some dodge, significant melee, and a little magic before getting a bow, and then put everything into bows once I do.
Alternately, should I take a different god? Oka eventually gives promises good equipment and virtually limitless ammo, but maybe I'll have enough anyway. Would Fedhas, Kiku, Makhleb, or even Nemelex be preferable? It seems like I have this build almost working, if I just carried it out a little bit better.
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Re: Trying a range-focused High Elf Warper build

Don't train Dodging or magic so early on. If you can cast Shroud of Golubria, Portal Projectile and Blink, you're good until late Lair. Instead, train some melee skill first, so you can melee monsters preferably with a branded short blade, then get a good amount of bows (thinking ~15 with your great apt), then get Control Teleport up, then get some Dodging, then some Fighting. Then it depends on your book and equip finds what comes next. If you find Haste early on, get it even before Dodging. Swiftness and RMsl are other spells to look out for, but you don't need to train a skill to cast them.
Okawaru would be my god of choice for this build too. Fedhas also sounds like he would fit your plan very well.

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