Swamp entrance not guaranteed?

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Lair Larrikin

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Swamp entrance not guaranteed?

Is it possible for there not to be a Swamp entrance anywhere in the Lair? I have auto explored all eight levels but can't find it this game. Shoals and the Slime Pit are here, though.
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Re: Swamp entrance not guaranteed?

All the lair branches aren't guaranteed, except for Slime Pit.

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Re: Swamp entrance not guaranteed?

The Lair branches are randomly selected. Depending on the version you're playing, you'll get two of: Swamp, Shoals and Snake Pit or one of Swamp/Shoals and one of Snake Pit/Spider.

If you've only located Shoals and Slime, there's someplace you haven't explored yet. Have you tried every staircase and hatch? There could also be areas blocked off by plants.
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Re: Swamp entrance not guaranteed?

each of the lair branches has a level range as well. If you press ctrl-O you will see where they might be (or where they are, if you found one but didn't notice).
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