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Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Monday, 20th February 2012, 14:14
by TehDruid
Recently had a very successful Felid Fighter of Makhleb -> Jiyva going on, who lost its final life to a) me being retarded around D:20 and b) must set that auto-fight restriction to 50% instead of 25% that it is by default!).

The benefits:

    * Since your MaxHP/AC is astronomically low, the Royal Jelly ability tends to proc a lot which gives you high-tier jelly allies to fight under your command for a while.
    * Jellies consume wands and overly dangerous weapons (distortion etc, sadly not the artifact ones though, but you can always move these to Lair if you feel uncomfortable leaving them around) on each level so that monsters can't pick them up later and use them against you. So you don't have to carry them back and forth to your stash and/or encumber your self...
    * Slimify is very, very, very useful against hydras (your claws multiply their heads and you can't use wands to kill them from afar so you're pretty much stuck if not a caster. Your speed allows you to outrun them, of course). I think it even works on the Lernean Hydra, at least in Zot Def I did it and turned it into an ajure jelly.
    * Getting elemental / magic resists from mutations while sometimes ephemeral can be a huge boon to the equipment impaired felids.
    * Jiyva grants conservation, a huge boon to felids that want their consumables not to be destroyed and frees the amulet slot for something more useful (resists, probably).

The so-so:

    * You're bound to get some mutations that grant additonal AC/MaxHP thus making you a little more durable.
    * You don't have to wear an amulet of resist mutation which is very important to a Felid because of their limited equipment slots where they need to get more useful resistances from.
    * You don't care about pseudopods screwing your AC over since you don't wear heavy armour.
    * You can eat mutagenic corpses at any time unless already at engorged to try and play some harmless mutation roulette. Or you can distil corpses if you have the book of alchemy/start as a Stalker.
    * You don't care about enemy gear getting corroded in any way (acidic bite, jelly friends) since you can't wear it anyway.

The drawbacks:

    * Felids love their consumables even more than other races because of their lack of gear slots. Jellies tend to eat a lot of them.
    * With your low carrying capacity you can't carry too much on you and establishing a stash might just be a little tricky (but you can always drop most of your permafood, since you're pretty much always gonna be at engorged with slow metabolism 2 and Jiyva feeding).

Something cool I found out:

    * The eyeballs mutation can passively confuse enemies.

I know it's a gimicky species/god combo, but what are your thoughts?

P.S: I know this has been brought up quite a bit before but I'd like a guaranteed Jiyva altar in the early dungeon (not in the Ecumenical Temple though cause that wouldn't make much sense).

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Monday, 20th February 2012, 16:20
by XuaXua
minmay wrote:felid of jiyva would be great fun if it weren't felid

Thanks, Debbie Downer.

I think both Octopodes and Felids are perfect for Jivya. Transformation to Ice Beast and Summons also work against hydra.

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Monday, 20th February 2012, 16:24
by Zicher
This combo definitely sounds interesting, but the Jiyva altars being non-guaranteed is probably the worst drawback of this combo - you may not harvest her powers until fairly deeply in the game. Choosing another god before may also not be desirable due to the wrath one will face.

Still, interesting :).

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Thursday, 23rd February 2012, 00:32
by Night2o1
I'd like an early jivya altar too :( very very rarely I'll find an early one. I accidentally splatted last time I found a lvl 3 Jivya altar, rofl. Got unbelievably lucky and scored another early jivya altar on another character, was having so much fun that I splatted that hero in some ridiculously dumb way too :P

Felid jivya sounds solid!
Everyone jivya imo

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Saturday, 25th February 2012, 07:19
by tormodpwns
So, pick a god with rather weak wrath who is also useful if you end up never getting the Jiyva altar. Nemelex comes to mind.

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Wednesday, 29th February 2012, 21:13
by cerebovssquire
Just won a Felid Skald/Transmuter of Trog > Jiyva with Dragon Form! ... 205503.txt

Jiyva was very useful towards the end. I especially liked curing OoF mutations, the conservation allowing me to wear the good amulet I had, and slimifying ancient liches.

Re: Felids of Jiyva

PostPosted: Wednesday, 29th February 2012, 22:23
by TehDruid
Holy crap! Congrats! :)