Evocations Focused Mummy

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Evocations Focused Mummy

I'm trying to build a mummy focusing mainly on evocations -> Nemelex Decks, Wands, Rods. I'm having trouble actually getting any character to that point. I've been starting with Fighter and getting Okawaru quickly before switching to Nemelex after Oka has gifted some good gear. However, MuFi just dies way too easy with crappy stats and aptitudes. I also am hoping to get this character to be a walking tank later in the game to take advantage of evocations ignoring armor penalties, so a caster probably isn't the best way to start. Any advice?
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Re: Evocations Focused Mummy

As Minmay says, chop Okie from that. Switching gods is typically for postgame or at least at a point when you can survive the wrath, as a bunch of titans can really ruin your day.

And, any reason you're fixated on Mummy? Only Trolls have a worse Evocations aptitude, and you're choosing all the things a mummy is not going to be great at. Tanking isn't really their thing either. They're a race that should be taking advantage of their lack of hunger to spam spells that others would normally have to think carefully about.

Personally, I'd go with Kobold or a Deep Dwarf Artificer anytime I wanted an evocations nemelex character. Kobold has an easier start, but Deep Dwarf also supports your armour. Pick a Wand of Fire or Cold, find yourself something stabby and go.
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Re: Evocations Focused Mummy

I guess the attraction of Mu is that you can sacrifice all the food and potions for decks.

But yeah, Okawaru is a bad idea in this case.

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Re: Evocations Focused Mummy

The reason I wanted to go with Mummy was A) lots of Wonders decks with mass food/potion saccing and B) Avoid rod hunger and hopefully be able to spam the crap out of rods. Sadly in .10 Artificers don't start with rods anymore, so finding one is difficult.
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Re: Evocations Focused Mummy

The starting rod for an Artificer was utter crap anyway. A Wand of Magic Darts was stronger.

Also, the Deck of Wonders is overrated. Especially on a Mummy. The Experience card is nice and all, but you'll still likely hit level 27 and have all your core skills where they need to be by Zot anyway. And legendary Helix cards are unusuable to Mummies and are what I'd consider the best part about a deck of Wonders (though Orante Helix is pretty good too).

Besides, a Deck of Wonders can't do this...

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Re: Evocations Focused Mummy

Use a felid instead.

First XP card should go 100% to Evocations. Then do Summoning & Spellcasting and get your Summon Dragons up for Tomb.
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