Accessibility Guide for new Players

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Accessibility Guide for new Players

This thread will be about the possibility of adding a non spoiler accessibility text page button to the main menu of Stone Soup. Something for new Players to look at after they play the Tutorial.

Spoiler: show
Download a tile set, turn the screen resolution to 1600 x 900,
Copy and Paste this: travel_delay = -1 explore_delay = -1 rest_delay = -1 auto_butcher = 1
into settings Folder -> init (at the bottom)

Game button Action
o Auto explore
Hold down tab Auto fight
Control + a Reactivate auto pick up after encountering
something invisible
X + < OR >+ enter Auto find and move towards up/down stairs
. Auto Pass turn
t + t Auto pass turn whilst shouting
5 Auto pass allot of turns whilst healing
Left mouse click Auto go over there
` Repeat button. Can be used for auto spell,auto throwing and auto wand casting. auto shooting for when tab stops working.
Control + f Type in something to find what floor it is on, press letter at the left of item to automatically go there
Control + g Brings up list of places seen, press corresponding letter and number to automatically go there. 0 takes you to door

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Re: Accessibility Guide for new Players

Most of these can be found in the ? screen. As far as new player guides go this one ( is good and covers most thing you mentioned here with more detail. It also covers tactics which is far more important.

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