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Is it a trick, or do some of you actually use it ?

I think I never wielded it among the many times I found it ...
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Re: Majin-Bo

A few versions ago, when Vamp still interacted with satiation, I used it for a while from around Lair I think.

My problem was that my weapon skill wasn't in staves, and my spells were mainly support, so I had to keep swapping. Combined with the hunger business it was super annoying, so I dropped it.

It seemed nice to get a boost for lower-level hexes. That's all I remember.

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Re: Majin-Bo

I never use it, because all of my characters who would like to use it have already trained shields to 15 by the time they find it...

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Re: Majin-Bo

I remember using it on a caster that had atrocious luck with shields and auxiliary armour, got the MB from that demon summoning wizlab and it was very strong. Then again, I did use the regen spell a lot rather than rely on the brand. The combined perks are great, but as @petercordia said it's not that attractive if you already have a reliable loadout when you get it.
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Re: Majin-Bo

I can't remember exactly what it does, but I seem to remember something about -1HP for every MP spent.

Considering my character was one that just spammed firestorm at absolutely every opportunity, never hit things, and had no trouble killing stuff, I never used it. I tried it once I think in pan or hell, but it was just too much of a risk.

I'd imagine it could be good if you were a hybrid type dude that actually whacked stuff with it, but even then I feel like 1hp for every 1mp spend is quite a strong price to pay for benefits you can get from fairly common rings and robes...

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Re: Majin-Bo

I think it can be ok if you constantly swap it according to the situation: archmagi is powerful, but -hp hurts. I never used it because I hate swapping.

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