Question about mutations being overriden by forms?

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Question about mutations being overriden by forms?

Hey! I'm trying to find out which mutations get overriden by transforming into different forms (mainly Spider, Ice, Statue, and Dragon). Does anyone know where I can find this info? Tried looking on the crawl wiki but I don't think it says.


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Re: Question about mutations being overriden by forms?

tough skin, poison resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, heat vulnerability, cold vulnerability, electricity resistance, electricity vulnerability, speed, slowness, deformed body, unbreathing, horns, beak, claws, fangs, hooves, antennae, talons, tentacle spike, constrict 1, stinger, big wings, hop, shaggy fur, spiny, gelatinous body, eyeballs, translucent skin, pseudopods, acidic bite, antimagic bite, icy blue scales, iridescent scales, large bone plates, molten scales, rough black scales, rugged brown scales, slimy green scales, thin metallic scales, yellow scales, sturdy frame, camouflage, tendrils, jelly sensing items, jelly absorbing missiles, cling, exoskeleton, cold-blooded, sharp paws, acid resistance

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