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Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 9th February 2019, 09:55
by wizard44
Hello everybody. This is a n00b who was recommended to play this free game by the denizens of r/rogeulikes to play this game due to my preferences. Below is my resume:
Outstanding Nethack experience: Managed to ascend every role at least once in 3.4.3, and still have an excellent playing record in the 3.6 versions
Exceeds Expectations ADOM experience: Achieved several ultra endings back when it was free and before Steam came into the scene. Haven't played the Steam version due to pricing though.
Acceptable experience with ZAP'M: Won a couple of games, but I got bored of that real fast.
Acceptable experience with Rogue: The deepest I got was level 16 I think.
Poor experience with PRIME: Haven't made it into the robot town.

So now I am delving deep into DC:SS under a series titled "Complete N00b's Journey" where I pick a character at random, and hope for the best, because that is just what I do and random generation is my thing. In my first try, I picked a random character in hints mode in 0.22 after completing the tutorial, since I was getting to know the game. The resulting character, Buen the Deep Elf Conjurer, got pretty far, until he got splatted by an ancient Lich that Banished him to Abyss:5 in 2 turns with a 6% chance of success. Needless to say, Buen met a swift end. Take a look at r/dcss to see how the mistakes that I made in the journey. So without further ado, I am starting another character anew in version 0.23. In this series that I am starting, the number before the hyphen signifies the attempt that I am playing, and the number after the hyphen signifies the goal that I have finished. With the first character's journey all logged in r/dcss, I bring you:

Complete N00b's Journey: Character #2
The RNG has given me Reloff, a Centaur Ice Elementalist. The first goal for this guy is to get to the Ecumenical Temple, and try to get into the circle of Vehumet or Sif Muna, since this is a caster. So it looks like I should be playing this as a warrior mage, where the warrior part is mostly focused on ranged attacks?

Here's my battle plan on how to survive until I get to the Temple:
Focus on training Fighting, Dodging, Spellcasting, and Ice Magic (emphasis) skills on manual mode.
Use all point improvements on Intelligence since this is a caster.
Don't try on Rings or jewelry at this point, since you don't know when you'll get a source of curse removal.
Pick up the first ranged weapon that you find in order to cover the weakness that the starting Freeze spell is close range. If I find a good ego weapon (venom, draining, electrocution), I keep it on me for a while and *maybe* train it if it is a bow.

Any tips to help this character are appreciated!

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 9th February 2019, 10:10
by Sorcerous
Hello, @wizard44. Welcome to the Tavern, I hope you like your stay!

I don't really see the need for some major advice right off the bat, but of the two gods you're considering I'd lean towards Sif. The learning curve with her is a bit steeper, but having a chance at every support/synergy spell is valuable. If the RNG is generous, try and use a branded dagger before you take up a ranged weapon, no skill is required because of the accuracy rating and base attack speed.

At any rate, if you're having trouble with decisions, post under CIP and the veterans here will be happy to help. Learning your way through splats is fine, my first win back in 0.19 stood on a mound of ~300 failures.
Good luck with your journey! :)

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 9th February 2019, 19:57
by wizard44
I totally overlooked the fact that there is a CIP subforum! Will post my progress there. I will post the characters that I play in this thread though for recordkeeping's sake.

Thanks for the advice with weapons and god selection!

EDIT: I will be posting progress on this character in the thread titled "CIP: Complete N00b's Journey Character #2: Reloff, the Centaur Ice Elementalist" in the CIP subforum. Take a look there.

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 16th February 2019, 06:05
by wizard44
So the second character got overwhelmed by crowds in the Desolation of Salt, so I am now generating another character, who can HOPEFULLY get farther than the first character at least.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Character #3
The RNG has given me Sebomoru, the Mummy Assassin. As with the first two characters, the first goal for this character is to get to the Ecumenical Temple. I believe that Gozag is one of the top gods of choice for mummies, since mummies aren’t worried by the lack of corpses and can get potion effects in emergencies? I’ve also heard of good things about Hepliaklqana for Mummy Assassins, since looking at the high scores reveals someone that got all 15 runes with Hepliaklqana as the god of choice. I also heard good things about Okawaru, Kikubaaqudgha, and Dithmenos in general. No rings or jewelry should be worn until at least the scroll of remove curse has been identified.

I think the plan for this character is to train Fighting, Short Blades, Dodging, Throwing, and Stealth (with an emphasis on that particular skill).

For levelling up, I think you're supposed to focus on Dexterity to help with stealth and stabbing?

Which weapon class is best for this character in general, assuming he doesn’t find an artifact? And which armor is generally suitable for a Mummy Assassin like Sebomoru?

Any tips for this new character are appreciated! If this character makes it to the Temple, I will start a new thread that will keep a record of my progress.
EDIT: Nevermind. This guy didn't even make it past D:2. Natasha did a number on the guy with the imps before he could kill her. Came very close to killing her, but Natasha struck some lucky blows. Death flag if you are interested in it.

 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.23.0 (console) character file.

Game seed: 17863699534119710396

91 Sebomoru the Sneak (level 4, 0/34 HPs)
             Began as a Mummy Assassin on Feb 15, 2019.
             Slain by Natasha (8 damage)
             ... on level 2 of the Dungeon on Feb 16, 2019.
             The game lasted 00:29:19 (1949 turns).

Sebomoru the Sneak (Mummy Assassin)                 Turns: 1949, Time: 00:29:20

Health: 0/34       AC:  3    Str: 14    XL:     4   Next: 33%
Magic:  4/4        EV: 12    Int: 10    God:   
Gold:   99         SH:  0    Dex: 14    Spells: 3/3 levels left

rFire    x . .     SeeInvis .   a - +2 dagger
rCold    + . .     Gourm    .   (no shield)
rNeg     + + +     Faith    .   c - +0 robe
rPois    8         Spirit   .   (no helmet)
rElec    .         Reflect  .   d - +0 cloak
rCorr    .         Harm     .   (no gloves)
MR       .....                  (no boots)
Stlth    +++.......             (no amulet)
HPRegen  0.11/turn              (no ring)
MPRegen  0.09/turn              (no ring)

@: no status effects
A: no food or potions, fire vulnerability, cold resistance 1, negative energy
resistance 3, torment resistance, unbreathing
a: no special abilities

You were on level 2 of the Dungeon.
You were not hungry.

You visited 1 branch of the dungeon, and saw 2 of its levels.

You collected 99 gold pieces.


Hand Weapons
 a - a +2 dagger (weapon)
 b - a +0 blowgun
 n - a +0 hunting sling
 e - 4 poisoned needles
 f - 2 curare-tipped needles
 m - 19 arrows
 o - 18 stones (quivered)
 c - a +0 robe (worn)
 d - a +0 cloak (worn)
 l - a +2 ring of evasion {unknown}
 g - 3 scrolls of magic mapping {unknown}
 h - 2 scrolls of identify {unknown}
 i - a scroll of fog {unknown}
 j - a scroll of remove curse {unknown}
 k - a scroll of fear {unknown}
 p - a scroll of noise {unknown}
 q - a scroll of immolation {unknown}
 r - a scroll of amnesia {unknown}
 s - a scroll of enchant weapon {unknown}

 + Level 2.6 Fighting
 + Level 2.1 Short Blades
 - Level 1.6 Throwing
 + Level 1.5 Dodging
 * Level 4.0 Stealth

You had 3 spell levels left.
You didn't know any spells.
Your spell library was empty.

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (2/15)           


D:2 Natasha

Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You do not eat or drink.
Your flesh is vulnerable to fire.
You are immune to poison.
Your flesh is cold resistant. (rC+)
You are immune to negative energy. (rN+++)
You are immune to unholy pain and torment.
You can survive without breathing.

Message History

Natasha mumbles some strange words.
Natasha's front paws start to glow.
Natasha claws you.
You hit Natasha.
Natasha is almost dead.
Natasha claws you!
You hit Natasha but do no damage.
Natasha is almost dead.
Natasha closely misses you.
You miss Natasha.
Natasha is almost dead.
Natasha claws you.
You hit Natasha.
Natasha is almost dead.
Natasha barely misses you.
You barely miss Natasha.
Natasha is almost dead.
Natasha claws you!
You die...

.......##.........# #.#
###...####...###†.# #.#       #.#
####.##  ##### #..###!#       ...
..##.#        ##......#       #.#
#.##.#       ##.....###
#.##+##      #.......#     .###
#.#...##     #.......#     ...
#......##    #.......######.###
#.......##  ##..@h†.###.......#
#.......## #.#.##.##.##[.....(#
##.....##  #.####.##.##.......#
 ##...##   #.# #..##.####.#####
  ##'##    #.# #.###.#  #5#
   #)#     #.# #.# #.####.#####

You could see Natasha.

Vanquished Creatures
  Jessica (D:2)
  An adder (D:2)
  A worm (D:2)
  3 dart slugs (D:2)
  3 leopard geckos
  2 giant cockroaches (D:1)
  A goblin (D:2)
  8 hobgoblins
  6 jackals
  4 bats
  4 frilled lizards
  6 kobolds
  4 rats
44 creatures vanquished.

Turn   | Place    | Note
     0 | D:1      | Sebomoru the Mummy Assassin began the quest for the Orb.
     0 | D:1      | Reached XP level 1. HP: 16/16 MP: 1/1
   173 | D:1      | Reached skill level 1 in Dodging
   317 | D:1      | Reached XP level 2. HP: 22/22 MP: 2/2
  1049 | D:2      | Reached XP level 3. HP: 28/28 MP: 3/3
  1305 | D:2      | Found a faded altar of an unknown god.
  1504 | D:2      | Noticed Jessica
  1518 | D:2      | Killed Jessica
  1518 | D:2      | Reached skill level 4 in Stealth
  1518 | D:2      | Reached XP level 4. HP: 34/34 MP: 4/4
  1896 | D:2      | Noticed Natasha
  1949 | D:2      | Slain by Natasha

Skill      XL: |  1  2  3 |
Dodging        |  1       |  1.5
Short Blades   |        2 |  2.1
Stealth        |        4 |  4.0
Fighting       |          |  2.6
Throwing       |          |  1.6

Action                   |  1- 3 |  4- 6 || total
Melee: Dagger            |    73 |    32 ||   105
 Fire: Blowgun           |    40 |     9 ||    49
 Stab: Sleeping          |     4 |       ||     4
Armor: Robe              |    14 |     2 ||    16
       Ring mail         |     3 |       ||     3
Dodge: Dodged            |    53 |    23 ||    76

So now we move on to *another* character, who will hopefully have a longer lifespan than Sebomoru:

Complete Noob's Journey: Character #4:
This time: The RNG gave me Keamoos, the Demigod Fighter. The random recommended choice that I was assigned was a war axe. The first goal yet again is to get to the Ecumenical Temple, even thought I am not allowed to worship a god. A much simpler plan is in order: Spend all level-ups on strength. No rings or jewelry should be worn until at least the scroll of remove curse has been identified. Stick with the starting war axe until you find an ego weapon, or even better, an artifact one. All tips for this character should go to the above fighter, not the dead assassin.

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 16th February 2019, 12:02
by Sorcerous
Mummy first, then a demigod fighter. Damn, the RNG really loves you :)
Fighters in general tend to fall off in the endgame, so I'd recommend evocations(early-mid) and/or low-level utility spells(mid-late). Portal projectile and repel/deflect missiles are my personal favourites, silence can also be amazing(if situational). In terms of brands, antimagic could be your best bet later on.
Lamp of fire is also good for early corridor fights, if you happen to get one.

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 16th February 2019, 15:17
by petercordia
I'd recommend all-out strength, stick with axes, wear heavy armour, train evocations, (instead of spells,) and ignore any of the previous if you find something to push you in another direction :)

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 01:40
by tasonir
A quick warning that some of the combinations you've gotten are going to be quite a bit harder than others, in particular mummies are considered to be the most challenging race (or sometimes naga, but either way). Demigod Fighter is also somewhat more challenging, but not as bad as the mummy.

Some of the combos are probably fairly good, but I'd recommend playing them differently. Your Centaur Ice elementalist, for example, should probably have gone a bit more on the warrior side of a hybrid and less on casting. Centaurs (when not randomly generated) usually go hunters and just rely on their amazing bow skills. IIRC something like 50% of all centaurs are rolled as hunters, which is absurdly high, no other race is that skewed.

Of course I can't predict what random combination you'll get next, so no tips there. But best of luck rolling the dice if you're committed to it!

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 23rd February 2019, 06:06
by wizard44
So the Demigod Fighter actually escaped with the orb, which brings this series to an end, since I no longer feel like a n00b with my first win. Thank you everyone for your input, and I'll remember you all as I proceed to my next game in my tour of duty!

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 23rd February 2019, 11:46
by Sorcerous
A n00b no more! Happy to know you enjoyed DCSS, and taking a win like this is phenomenal! :D
Of the three games you wanted to try next, I'd recommend Brogue. And of course, come back to Crawl anytime.

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 23rd February 2019, 11:51
by pedritolo
Btw, how do you feel the other rougelikes you've played compare to DCSS?

Re: Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

PostPosted: Saturday, 23rd February 2019, 19:23
by wizard44
DCSS is definitely one of the top two IMO and is tied with ADOM. Nethack is good, but the late game is monotonous IMO. ZAPM I tried for the Nethack tournament, and is a simple and winnable roguelike, but the late game suffers much of the same problems as Nethack. PRIME however is waay too hard with the difficulty escalation. Rogue however, is frustrating with the steep difficulty spike and the lack of identification and good attack wands in general.