Should I abandon Sif Muna? (GnFE)

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Should I abandon Sif Muna? (GnFE)

After some attempts with GnWi of Ash I got sick of relying on RNG to give me books. Sometimes I ended up having to enter the scarier branches with no offensive spells past the starter book, or no summons.

So I started with Sif. Now I'm 27 and my skills are at 17, growing at a glacial pace. I already have all the spellbooks I need. However, I can't really cast anything 8+ and above, and I'd like to try a 15 extended win (my only prior win was a MiBe 5-runer).

Should I switch to Ash to actually get shit like Fire Storm and Shatter castable right away, suffering Sif's penance (is it really bad?) Should I stick to Sif and just grind out the skills?
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Re: Should I abandon Sif Muna? (GnFE)

I would consider switching to lighter armor if you haven't already instead of switching gods.

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Re: Should I abandon Sif Muna? (GnFE)

Sif has like a 1/5 chance of draining your MP to zero according to the wiki, which is very nasty for a casting-focused character. However, a gnoll could probably get away with equipping medium armor and a proper weapon since they have all skills trained. That being said, it's probably not worth swapping. Stack some staff/rings of wizardry if you need to, and drink Brilliance when it's absolutely necessary to not be miscasting.
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Re: Should I abandon Sif Muna? (GnFE)

Don't quit Sif if you plan on casting spells, it's miscast-o-rama and will be deeply and powerfully irritating even if it doesn't get you killed.

I guess you could literally give up spells until she's appeased because you're a gnoll, though.
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