Editing my file

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Editing my file

So, I've never done this, nor do I know how to, but I've been wanting to edit whatever "file" people have suggested I edit.

A few useful things to add would be related to stopping autoexplore when "Your Transformation is almost over" shows up, but other advice is also welcome. (Making acid-walls in slime pits travel-excluded when tabbing would also be pleasant).

Anyhow, I have no clue how to find this file or properly edit it, and would like advice on that (as well as useful edits you might suggest). I use the berotato server if that makes a difference.
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Re: Editing my file

there is (edit rc), next to DCSS 0.21
just click there, and it will open your rc file:
Spoiler: show

check HilariousDeathArtist DCSS Config for some options:

also if you open (morgues etc.)
Spoiler: show
you can see rc files of other players
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