confuse + invisibility error?

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confuse + invisibility error?

So i played Formicid
hexes 18 skill

encountered two vampire mosquito.
confused mosquito a (he started to wander around)
spend couple of turns fighting mosquito b
cast invisibility.
mosquito a - confused with question mark,
mosquito b - with question mark from invisibility.

I started to run.
Now, because my girlfriend was sleeping on my shoulder i accidentally pressed D instead of Q on healing potion :(
I had to pick up potion (still both mosquito had question marks so kinda felt safe)
I moved 4 tiles and ... mosquito that was confused started to chase me, but i still had INVI status on! (it had no question mark)
I though that if i move one tile more it will stop and maybe...
I died...
I woke up girlfriend and blamed her that i pressed D instead of Q... she just barked at me and started to sleep again, so i write here.

How to reproduce:
get hexes 18
get 2 mosquito vampires
cast confuse on one successfully.
wait couple of turns(5-6)
cast invisibility
move 3 tiles away and wander around in view.

Now mosquito should end its confuse status and should attack you while normal mosquito should still search for you as you still are invisible.

If i am right pls revive me hero :( ... 215622.txt

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Re: confuse + invisibility error?

From you dump
The vampire mosquito appears confused.
You flicker back into view.
The vampire mosquito bites you.
You die...

You weren't invis at the end. I wonder if you remember correctly, about the fact the mosquito chasing you hadn't the question mark: monster close to you can guess your position even while invis, so 'invis' doesn't guarantee to leave a foe behind. However, they have the '?' mark - if that mosquito hadn't it, it was definitely a bug - I don't know if only visual or not.

Anyway, from you dump I wonder, how your char was 'very slow' being a Formicid. That shouldn't be possible, unless wearing 2 ponderous item or worshipping Chei.
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Re: confuse + invisibility error?

you were visible because you were standing in shallow water, which nullifies invisibility unless you're flying (which is also what the very slow status is)

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Re: confuse + invisibility error?

Uhm I guesss some of the weird symbol of the ascii visual display water?
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