Armour Skill Break Points

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Armour Skill Break Points

Does anyone know armour skill breaking points? I think that they are based on total base AC (helmet+cuirass etc). I tried doing the calculations myself, but I ended up swamped.
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Re: Armour Skill Break Points

breakpoints happen whenever baseAC*(Armour skill) is a multiple of 22, so you get an extra point at 22/baseAC, 44/baseAC, and so forth

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Re: Armour Skill Break Points

Also note that the skill display rounds values. So if you're wearing plate and a cloak and expect to get another point of AC at armour skill 4.0, it may be that you see the skill at 4.0 but did not yet get the extra AC. So either check that you actually got the point before switching to another skill, or just train 0.1 more to be sure.

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