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DCSS TrunkWatch™: Volcano Bat Buffs

As with all clickbait headlines, not as cool as it sounds:

Allow batform to quaff potions and open doors
It was a fairly weird exception - all the other player bad-polymorph forms can
read and quaff, and even wisp/pig/porcupine could use doors. Also makes Vampire
batform a little better and less fiddly.

Commit Link: ... e2f47fd71c

Volcano buffs!
Volcanoes have always had an unusually wide and unlinked monster set
due to early values of mystique and possibility from very long lists.
While it was a decent shift a good while ago to shift the sets away
from villages of gnolls and orcs or beasts coloured red in console,
the current generic fill-in monster sets still include broad ranges
of unusual picks. With Volcanoes holding a fraction of kills
of Ice Caves, as they present harder map gimmick presence and clouds
with quite a few less regular monsters, it seems reasonable to once more
try and push the sets a little more upwards.

Generic sets shared across several volcano maps are now split in three
rather than two, and are trimmed yet still broad:
 * Remaining humanoid sets: Centaurs and yaktaurs, ogres, or salamanders,
   plus one base red draconian / downgraded hell knight. All are still
   equipped with fiery weapons and armour, and each is a 15% chance.
 * Demons set: red devil / red ugly thing / hell hound,
   smoke demon / sun demon, orc sorcerer / worse equips hell knight.
   20% chance.
 * Beasts set: hell hound / steam dragon / fire bat band,
   hell hog / lindwurm, fire dragon / fire crab(!). 20% chance.
 * Elemental set: fire elemental / earth elemental / gargoyle,
   efreet, stone giant(!). 15% chance.
Cuts: hill giants, orc warriors and knights, deep elf mages and knights,
Urug + Erolcha + Nessos + Harold, crimson imps, komodo dragons, manticores,
fire vortices, most "mixed" sets. It's a bit of a shame to lose the
uniques, but they hardly had wide terrain or heavy support to benefit from.
Komodos and vortexes both still appear in singular maps each, at any rate.

After this clean-up and some header clean-up,
there are also some per-vault shifts:
 * Weights have been shifted, made slightly flatter across maps
   but diminishing the two lua-based layouts and the toenail bunker.
 * All maps with extremely broad potential lava monster chances
   have gotten hard minimums and maximums, higher than previous
   averages. Not that lava snakes and fire bats are too scary.
 * volcano_grotto loses the lasher statue subvault and firespitter
   statues: volcanoes have enough potential gimmick mechanics without
   portal-unique vault defines (and a new elemental statue ontop of
   the codified ice statue is excessive). Obsidian statues, playing
   off of fiery hell themes, replace adjusted firespitter uses.
 * volcano_tomb replaces its mummies and vampires with skeletal warriors.
   Both undead types, while interestingly flavourful here, are too weak
   and tangential to the fire (+ earth) volcano themes to be so
   prominent as a portal vault set-up. A regular vault or two trying out
   "sealed vampires / mummies under lava" is better than this.
   They also get much more flame clouds and wider chambers, to try and
   assist the poor weaker skeletons beforehand.
 * volcano_bunker, which places humans with maces and toenail golems,
   replaces the former with wizards. Equally eccentric, but with more
   fireballs, paralysis, and banishment.
 * volcano_caves has weird random chamber access fixed up.

Some of the loot quality has gone up correspondingly. The two
flaming-branded weapons in every volcano are now guaranteed to be big
two-handers or even top-tier weapons, without any more morningstars
or halberds litering the piles. The free good_item enchantments
on them are gone, though, and as per always one might not find the
weapon types they'd like. Armour quality and generic item quality
have also been adjusted.

TODO: Make some volcano_lakes subvaults.

Commit Link: ... 98d1a99773

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