Randomness in item generation and res

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Randomness in item generation and res

is item generation completely random? (referring to 0.18.1)
In the early game it happens to find a weapon with good res just one or two dungeon levels before a _very dangerous_ enemy with that brand (for example: RElec -> very dangerous elec powered ghost; RN++ and then an unusually hard ossuary layout with Menkaure). Mostly situations where that specific gain makes it possible to fight.
It looks suspicious, since any random lucky gain could be leading to RC++ but hard creeps then be fire powered or anything else.

An other pattern i met before the lair: from time to time is to have wand games or ring games. In the longer run may also completely lack a form of defense (no AC at all: nor in rings, nor armours, nor protection brand).

I know randomness is hard to understand for humans according to previous topics in the forum, but ... there is maybe a coded fairness in the game?


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Re: Randomness in item generation and res

It's random
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Re: Randomness in item generation and res

Floor item generation is independent of unique generation and portal generation.
Some games are just too (un)lucky, that's why you remember them.

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I played a game today where I found a cursed -2 ring of slaying on D:1 which I immediately equipped. Soon I found another unknown ring on D:1 while still wearing the slaying and with thinking "It cannot be worse than it already is" I equipped it too and got a cursed ring of teleportation... I awaked Sigmind in the same game but it was just coincidence, otherwise the game would give me Amulet of the Four Winds with clarity and MR+++ ;)
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Re: Randomness in item generation and res

looks like we've found another logical fallacy to go alongside our beloved "clustering illusion":

post hoc, ergo procter hoc
"it happened after, therefore it happened because"
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