Post Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 06:03

DCSS TrunkWatch™: Snappier turtles, breakier obstacles

Don't count on snapping turtles to give you free hits/escapes at low HP anymore. They're snapping to the bitter end!

Commit link: ... cb74eb6264

Killing The Royal Jelly now fully removes the walls around the loot chambers in Slime:$. Down with mildly inconvenient loot checks!

Commit link: ... 6d3c7b2cd5

Finally, Crawlers can explode orcish idols with impunity. Heathen orc-hating Earth Elementalists rejoice!

Commit link: ... 7477738c84
Wins (Does not include my GrEE^Veh 15-runer...stupid experimental branch)

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