New Crawler With One Extremely Important Question

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New Crawler With One Extremely Important Question

Hi everyone, been playing for a while now but I'd still consider myself very new to DCSS. No wins yet, but I'm getting there. Been playing with SpEn a ton lately, and I've even managed to get an Octopode to level 2.

Anyway, I have one question that's really been bugging me.

Is it possible to save and quit to the main menu?

e.g., save and quite your current game to go play another character or game mode without having to restart DCSS every time.

I've done my homework on this one and can't seem to find an answer. Hopefully I'm just being silly.

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Re: New Crawler With One Extremely Important Question

I don't think save+main menu is possible. I can't think of a use case where one would need to do that though.

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Re: New Crawler With One Extremely Important Question

I think you want
restart_after_save = true
in your rc/init file.

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Re: New Crawler With One Extremely Important Question

Incase onto's explanation didn't make sense:

Go to the settings file in your DCSS file, then double click on "init" and open it in notepad. Once you are there, just copy paste "restart_after_save = true" without the quotes at the bottom of the notepad on an empty line.
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