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Amusing Xom

Hi fellow crawlers.

I've been playing a lot of DSCK recently and have been really enjoying them. However I feel like I might be missing some tips on how to deal with Xom. The kind of things I'm wondering are :

- Should I quaff id some potions just to keep him amused ? Better yet, should I quaff id them in the middle of fights ? Same flavour : should I read id scrolls only in the middle of fights to keep him amused ? It looks like it generates more fun on his side whenever you do something when there's tension.

- Is it worth it to (manually :-/) pick up cursing scrolls to curse all your gear regularly (e.g. just before reading a remove curse scroll) in order to keep him amused ?

- Is it possible to game the gifts he makes by wearing cursed gloves to get rings or similar ideas ?

- Any good tip to avoid getting crushed by his mutations/statrot/crazy level drains/teleports just next to Sigmund ?
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Re: Amusing Xom

Well, I think that even if you fight with weapons of chaos and heal every second monster, he still may have a thought to suddenly summon a few more demons to test your strength.
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Re: Amusing Xom

You can amuse Xom by being in a dangerous situation (not only with trivial monsters) and doing one of the following:
zap an unknown wand
quaff an unknown potion
read an unknown scroll and getting a bad effect (this amuse him less since scrolls are rarely dangerous)
zap a wand of random effect

He's not amused by the use of identified bad items, so there's no point in reading curse foo scrolls once ided.

Yes, I think you can trick him into gifting you rings by wearing cursed gloves.
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Re: Amusing Xom

Not really, most of the time nothing major will come of his boredom. If you really want to keep him occupied, a weapon of chaos or tome of destruction is the way to go. Also, eat poison chunks without rPois.

See #1

It is to drop any items that might be cursed and read them to gain spellcasting anyway.

Theoretically yes, but I don't know the odds.

Be lucky.

There are three way he generally kills me. First is obviously demons, for which the best defense is hoping he gifts a rod with abjuration or teleporting. Second is getting confused in mid-battle, where I suppose clarity would help, or just have a potion ready. The third is animating a weapon, which all I can say is teleport and wait it out, and keep a spare.

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