So I have this FeTm of Ash...

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So I have this FeTm of Ash...

First, the things I've learned over the past couple days.

1: Felid Venom Mages are not awesome.
2: Evaporate is awesome (this is my first Transmuter of any kind), especially with a ring of poison resistance.
3: Starting with a couple levels of Unarmed Combat as a Felid seems to help.

Now my questions:
1: If a Felid prays to Ashenzari, will the remove curse scrolls always become curse jewellery, or do they have a 2/3 chance of becoming useless curse weapon/armour?
2: What things are capable of starting a forest fire? Will Throw Flame do?

(Playing 0.8.0 stable release.)
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Re: So I have this FeTm of Ash...

1. Ash's prayer turns remove curse scrolls into random curse scrolls.
2. Bolts of lightning or fire.

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Re: So I have this FeTm of Ash...

If you are a Felid, you will only get Curse Jewelery.

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