Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

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Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

From the information in the game and from the wiki I'm a bit confused how stealth works in the presence of auras (0.15).


1) Being in an umbra doubles (not only) the player's stealth (from the wiki).
2) 1 => A follower of Dithmenos has permanently double stealth (unless piety is too low for the umbra)?
3) 1 => Sneaking up on monsters with an umbra doubles player stealth (if not already in her own umbra)?
4) Contrary to the information in the wiki, an umbra does not cancel out an aura of silence (and probably neither an aura of flames etc.).

Is all this correct?


Silence and monsters

It's totally unclear to me under which circumstances an aura of silence has an impact on player stealth.

A) Which kinds of monsters are able to see through your stealth more easily?
B) To trigger this effect does the monster have to be inside the silence, or the player, or both?
C) Does it play a role whether the silence was created by the player or someone else?
D) Does monster status have any effect? (I'd at least expect that a sleeping monster is less likely to wake up, but I guess that's not the case.)


Silence and travelling of sound

E) If monsters are sleeping in an aura of silence (e.g. caused by a silent spectre), but the player is not, and the player shouts. Will this wake up the monsters inside the silence?

F) Does sound pass through an aura of silence? For example, the player (P) stands in a doorway and there is a sleeping monster on one side (M) and another monster on the other side:


If the player stands in a one tile aura of silence (e.g. silence spell near end of duration) and "m" shouts, will this wake up "M", i.e. can the noise pass through the player's tile?

G) Does sound created inside the aura (e.g. by fighting) travel normally outside?

To illustrate this, think of the following situation with the player (P), a statue of ice (S; or whatever) and a pack of sleeping monsters. The the sleeping monsters are out of sight around a corner but just a couple of tiles away:


Now, the player blasts the statue with a wand of disintegration. Will the monsters be able to hear the blast:

* if only the player is in an aura of silence,
* if only the statue is in an aura of silence,
* if only the monsters are in an aura of silence,
* if the player and the statue are in an aura of silence,
* if the player and the monsters are in an aura of silence,
* if the statueplayer and the monsters are in an aura of silence,
* if everybody is in an aura of silence?


As a practical example, could a silence spell or scroll be helpful to get past the line of greater mummies in Tomb:3 undetected (other than hampering the monters' spellcating)?
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Re: Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

Edit: Ignore my bad mechanics.
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Re: Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

Stealth is most definitely not set to 0 while silenced.

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Re: Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

Silence doesn't set stealth to 0, but it does reduce stealth somewhat.

As a practical matter, just walking past all the greater mummies in tomb3 without them noticing you is not possible, whether or not you have silence. With Dithmenos shadow step you can make some progress but eventually they're going to wake up anyway, even if you are an octopode with 27 stealth and equipment giving Stlth++++.
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Re: Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

Silence drops your stealth by a single pip. (50). If stealth matters to your character you likely have enough stealth for this to barely be noticable.

if you are in the silence then your stealth drops; thus, all monsters notice you a little more easily regardless of whether they are silenced or not.

If you disint something and the something is in a square of silence, then it makes no sound. in fact, it'd appear that anything that happens on a square of silence makes no noise whatsoever.
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Re: Stealth and auras (silence/umbra)

stabbr wrote:4) Contrary to the information in the wiki, an umbra does not cancel out an aura of silence (and probably neither an aura of flames etc.).

Where in the wiki does it say that an umbra will cancel an aura of silence? I can see where it says it overrides angelic halos, but nothing about other auras.

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