Excruciating Wounds and Vampiric/Distortion

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Excruciating Wounds and Vampiric/Distortion

I've found that in 0.15, Excruciating Wounds replaces the existing brand on my weapon for the duration of the spell.
I'm wondering what would happen if I used it with a distortion or vampiric weapon…

Would it allow me to safely unwield distortion, or does it trigger distortion unwield effects when I cast it? Would a vampiric weapon cause the hunger on wield effect every time Excruciating Wounds ended?
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Re: Excruciating Wounds and Vampiric/Distortion

It overwrites the brands without changing what happens on wield / unwield, and not triggering any such effects itself.
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Re: Excruciating Wounds and Vampiric/Distortion

I feel so dumb, I could have used that spell on my SpWz, I had a +2 dagger of pain that I was using instead of my nice +9 quick blade that I found somewhere. Oh well, he didn't die due to poor weapon choice.

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