Deadly altar vaults

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Deadly altar vaults

In my current game in 0.14 on android. I was aiming for Zin as my god, but the only altar I came across 1 level below temple has an angel in it... It is a diamond shaped room with glass walls in the corners, altar in the middle and a hostile angel guarding it. This kinda rules out Zin for me for a really long time.

This has pretty much the same effect on my game as not finding a Zin altar untill the depths. Fortunately this is not too common and I still got other good god options. Just a bit annoying to have this happen.
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Re: Deadly altar vaults

That doesn't mean that you won't find a Zin altar in temple, or another one in main dungeon...
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Re: Deadly altar vaults

My last troll found a pearl dragon armour in sight of the upstairs on D1, and had it enchanted to +4 by temple. Died in a Fedhas altar on a cleared level because I can't tell an oklob sapling from a plant with fruit beneath it. I didn't even realize I was being attacked, I thought I was clearing firewood to collect fruit.

Oh well.

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Re: Deadly altar vaults

This was after the temple where no Zin altar was created. As far as I know, all temple gods are guaranteed an altar in the early dungeon, even if it is not generated in the temple. Do these deadly altar vaults count as a guaranteed altar, even thou they are not accessible for earlygame characters? I actually found a perfectly safe Zin altar 2 floors down, after I had settled for Ash. Xom must have had her hands in play here. :P

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Re: Deadly altar vaults

Temple gods are guaranteed an altar by d:9.

If the angel could actually reach the altar, then it doesn't count toward the guaranteed altar (there are multiple good god altar vaults with angels, and not all of them count here).

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