How do I place a portal in Wiz Mode now?

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How do I place a portal in Wiz Mode now?

I'm trying to test things and want to be able to place a portal to a specified portal vault, but I can't find the WizMode command to do it. I know it used to be lower case "p" but that now lists props. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Re: How do I place a portal in Wiz Mode now?

If by "specified portal vault" you mean a specific map for some portal, you can travel there with &~ and then place the specific map by name with &L. If you want the actual portal feature, you can place an entry vault with &L (unfortunately entry vault names are wildly inconsistent in their formatting so you'll probably need a couple of guesses, for example enter_ziggurat_a, enter_bailey_2, portal_sewer_entry_c, portal_ice_cave_entry_ugly_swarm) or just place the feature itself with &(.

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