Ring with both rCorr and *Corrode

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Ring with both rCorr and *Corrode

Found an artefact ring with both Ring with both rCorr and *Corrode (and also RC+, MR+ and Dex+5). Not found any other cold resist yet, so might wear it if come across ice cave.

However ... the text says that "It may corrode you when you take damage" ... but would the rCorr (I assume resistance to corrosion) cancel that effect out, so in effect I could ignore *Corrode?
Or does rCorr just mean I take less damage from Acid (which wouldn't be a factor here) and/or just reduce the chance of the slay-4 effect (but it could still happen).

I think it's the latter ... which means it's probably "junk" and not worth keeping/wearing (I'm Troll Melee/throwing ... so Slay-4 or -8 is a big deal).
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Re: Ring with both rCorr and *Corrode

When you would be corroded, rCorr prevents it 50% of the time. So effectively *Corrode would proc half as often as usual.

*Corrode is usually not a big deal, as it happens relatively rarely. A troll is probably one of the best cases for a meleedude to have this effect too, because your base damage and accuracy is so high. If you get corroded you just walk backwards for 30 turns and reset the fight, which Tr is also good at since they have decent defences.

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Re: Ring with both rCorr and *Corrode

It's a good ring, and I'd recommend you use it unless you have some really great other rings. I had heard previously that rCorr doesn't interact with *Corrode at all, but I haven't checked the code so I don't know for fact.

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