0.26 Tournament Rules Feedback

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0.26 Tournament Rules Feedback

Hi everyone, the 0.26 tournament has ended, you can read a write up of the results here.

Thanks everyone for playing. This thread is for feedback on the still evolving rules as well as the webpage.
Known issues that we'll try to fix (time permitting) before the next tournament:

  • Display uniques remaining/killed, gods remaining, etc. summary information on the individual player page.
  • Decorate individual player pages with banners.

A bolder idea, which tries to keep the "soft cap" feature of the ranked categories, but make them less punishing, is to award points in categories like high score or streaking by the percentage of the top score. That way a low turncount run 3 points off of the lead scores almost as many points as the lead, instead of half as many, but the available points remain tied to the "best so far": there's no incentive to run wild in a particular category.

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Re: 0.26 Tournament Rules Feedback

Thanks as always. One thing I miss about the old rules is that they rewarded winning harder species/backgrounds more. (This also incidentally yielded some nice data about which species/backgrounds players actually found easier.) I'd be for bringing that back in some form.

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