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0.26 Tournament Page

PostPosted: Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 18:53
by gammafunk
The 0.26 tournament starts on Friday 8 January at 20:00 UTC and ends on Sunday 24 January at 20:00 UTC. Here's the tournament home page with the current set of rules:

The 0.26 release happened on January 8th; see the blog post. Feel free to coordinate teams in this thread. There are some rule changes relative to the 0.25 tournament, and we'll keep the tournament page updated if there are any subsequent ones. Feel free to use this thread to organize teams.

Best of luck in the tourney, everyone!

Re: 0.26 Tournament Page

PostPosted: Saturday, 9th January 2021, 00:35
by Moanerette
On the tournament pages, is there any way to set the default number of entries to All? It defaults to 10 for every page.