0.23 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges

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0.23 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges

Welcome Friends, a new installment of the crawl sudden death challenges will be starting soon. The format returns, this time in a five week series, running from May 3 to June 7.

Sign-ups are now open, and will close May 10th. Details can be found on the homepage.

There will again be cool plays and sudden deaths, with an expanded replay team compiling highlights from each week. To relive past glory and defeat, check out past replays and deaths or view the old scoreboard.

Good luck, and see you all in Zot!

Instead of making a thread per week, I'll just keep this thread around and edit/post as the competition progresses.

  • Week 1: Combo: OgWz, Gods: Ashenzari, Hepliaklqana, Okawaru
  • Week 2: Combo: KoGl, Gods: Dith, Ru, Usk

A quick FAQ, for things that aren't answered on the homepage:
Spoiler: show
Why require signups?

There are several thousand online players who are active. The last csdc had fewer than 100 contestants.
An important piece of info for a contestant is which competitors have not started their runs in a given week; without sign ups finding this information would be challenging.

Why not release all combos in advance?

The mystery adds to the strategic pressure. Try for a one-time bonus with a combo that's just ok for it, or pass hoping for something better only to get FeAK?

Why not allow a longer window for games to be finished?

The small windows minimize the impact of "sitzkrieg" between places on the leaderboard: waiting for someone who's trying a bonus that they might fail at before deciding to proceed while they wait to see if you'll attempt it. It keeps the competition moving apace.
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Re: 0.23 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Open]

A reminder that sign ups close at the end of the week, and a sneak peek from the replay studio. Tag your cool plays, and we'll be on the look out for sudden deaths.

This is Flugkiller's Zot:5 death with 9 points and on the way to a Lairless win. Tragic.


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