My 0.22 Tournament report

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My 0.22 Tournament report

My pre-tournament goal was to win 5 games (with different species / backgrounds), completing the Gelatinous Body III banner. Also, win a 15-runer if possible.

I went into the tournament with a 7-game streak going on (my personal best so far, all with gnolls), so I felt good.

Day 1-3: The streak goes on until it doesn't

Secret tech: I don't start with a MiBe. Everyone does that, but my trick is to win a CeBe as a start and with some luck nobody will win another in the whole tournament so I'll have a high score in the end. I guess people don't like CeBe, I dunno why.

I always start with polearms, and kite dangerous melee dudes in the early game. The I pick up a shortbow and train it, thus nudging Trog to gimme a longbow. When he does, it is a huge jump in character power.

Win Nr 1: Cebe (of Trog) ... 080018.txt

Next game: a DD of Makhleb. Again, I tried to pick a combo that is not entirely obvious, so it wasn't won before and maybe never will be. So I picked a hunter with a crossbow. I bought an early artefact arbalest in a shop to upgrade the weapon. The main issue was bolt shortage: I tried to conserve bolts, fighting with an axe as much as possible, but still I was constantly running low, finally going down to 6 bolts after the first rune. (It would have been okay if I had the Snake Pits, but this game had Spider instead.). So after the first rune I was pretty much forced to go to Vaults to refill. On V:1 I found 300 bolts and after V:4 I had over 1000. The distribution of bolts is just atrocious.

Win Nr 2: DD of Makhleb ... 153920.txt

Next game: a minotaur of Gozag. I was going well, then I got banished, used up all my resources and died. Oh well. Anyway, life goes on, it's time to go for a 15-rune run.

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Re: My 0.22 Tournament report

Day 4-6: All the runes

I splatted a few gargoyles then I got one going. Picked up TSO on D:3 (!). I met Nessos in Lair, took his longbow, and that became my main weapon (eventually blessed by TSO just before I went to extended). The run was pretty smooth, without many problems. I left the Tomb for last, and it went unbelievably lucky. After I descended to the middle of Tomb:2, a started walking to the upstairs, but I stepped on a teleport trap, and it dropped me to the good part of Tomb:2, where the downstairs are. Wow! After clearing that part of the map, I buffed up again, went down, got to the upstairs, fog, angels and whatnot, and the fight went well until all the enemies had died. It had never happened to me before to clear Tomb:3 in one go. Amazing.

After I won the game I realized that I missed the Serpent of Hell (and slaying him would have been needed for the Angel of Justice III banner). Even if I realized that in-game, I wouldn't have gone back to Hells searching for him, that's just stupid. So maybe I'll try another all-runer later - but probably I won't.

Win Nr 3: GrFE of TSO ... 092829.txt

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Re: My 0.22 Tournament report

Day 7-10: Gelatinous prophet
Let's try a minotaur again. This time I stated with a MiAK (of Lugonu). This is a straightforward game plan, I banish monsters I don't want to fight, and if I cannot (too high MR) I corrupt the level and go away. Again, things went smoothly until I decided to go to the Abyss for the 3rd rune. An obvious choice, you say, but I just couldn't do it. The abyss was super hard again. It also didn't help that I wasn't paying attention to neqoxecs and they drained my Int to brainless. Ouch. After I regained my sanity I tried again and again but after a while a lost so many piety (Lucy does not grant piety for Abyss kills) that I just gave up. I went into the Slime pits instead and corrupted Slime:5. The demons did not kill TRJ but broke up the walls so I stole the rune and let them be.

Win Nr 4: MiAK of Lugonu ... 125436.txt
This was my 3rd win with an Invocations title (Propet III banner).

Next, a hill orc, an AM with crossbows. I had other god plans, but when I found a D:3 Oka altar it would have been foolish to pass on. (Also remember the poor DD who often ran out of ammo - Oka will prevent that).

Later, this happened:
Elf:3    | Identified the +10 arbalest of Muewapn {penet, MP-9 Str+6 SInv} (Okawaru gifted it to you on level 3 of the Elven Halls)

What!? A useful Okawaru gift? This is unheard of, I was shocked. This became my endgame weapon.

Win Nr 5: HOAM of Okawaru ... 112155.txt

With this, I got the the Gelatinous Body III banner, completing my tournament goals, and it's only the middle Sunday yet!

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Re: My 0.22 Tournament report

Day 11-14: Chilling, spectating, splatting some DEHu

In the first half of the second week I played remarkably less. My main project was to try and win DEHu, Nemelex's choice, but did not succeed. It's not a bad combo. My only win from these days was a GnFi : wanted something good & straightforward for a change. I went Kiku, tried to use corpse delivery a lot (one of my mistakes is that I tend to underuse god abilities). All in all, it was a fun game.

Win Nr 6: GnFi of Kiku ... 111820.txt

Day 15-17: Get some more banners
Suddenly, a reasonable combo appeared as Nemelex's Choice: GnAs. Come on, let's do it! Unfortunately, a lot of other guys agreed, so it became a bit of a race. I found a gold dragon armour on D:10 (still pre-Lair), so I decided that bye-bye sneaking, let's bash.
Orc had the Pan ending, with demonspawns guarding the portal and the shops, and one of them gave me a demon trident of flaming. Thanks! My endgame weapon was not that, but Wyrmbane that I found in Elf. In the end I managed to be in the first 8 to win the cmbo, my first Nemelex's Choice III banner ever.

Win Nr 7: GnAs of Ru ... 093628.txt

I decided to steal some high score from a previously won combo, for another banner. Let's look around for some low-scoring Be in the highscore table! I found HaBe, went for it. I picked up an early sling, trained it up... until in Lair, I found the Leech demon blade (you know, the vamp weapon that is better than vamp). C'mon! Should I give up my nice sling for that crap?! How am I going to beat hydras with that?! Or anything else dangerous, really? OK, let's try it anyway... and it proved to be super powerful. In the endgame, I had an antimagic demon blade to switch to against Orbs, liches and whatnot, but I hardly did.)
In Vaults, I was banished by an elf sorcerer to Abyss:3 (Pay attention, dude! Trog's hand!). I found the rune vault before the exit, it was the bee hive, one of the easy ones. In the end I won the game with 4 runes, which would have been easily enough to grab the highscore... only Rchandra won the combo in the meantime with 5 runes. Oh well.

Win Nr 8: HaBe of Trog ... 173340.txt

Next, I went for the "win a game in under 50k turns", tried it with another DD. I got an exec axe in D, before the rune branches, and when I branded it I got vamp. Nice.
The game went well with that gear, until Zot: 5. There I got teleportitis 1, and when I tried to cure it I got teleportitis 2... and ran out of mut potions. A few turns later, I was dropped in the middle of one of the inside lungs, with a ton of monsters and all their family in sight. I buffed up, read teleport and started fighting... and cleared almost all the dudes when tele kicked in, and dropped me to the other lung. Renew buffs, fight again, kill-kill-kill, then I teleported out to safety. After that, there were hardly any enemies left on the level, the 2 huge battles cleared them all.
Teleportitis was also kicking in on the orb-run, teleporting me from the cleared path on Z:4 to an uncleared area, full of dracs. Facepalm.

Win Nr 9: DDFi of Makhleb ... 093541.txt

My last deed was on the last day was my first ever Speed demon Banner: the 2nd tier (find a rune in 81 minutes), I did it in 80 minutes and 1 second. Great!
(Meanwhile, the fastest win of the tournament is 23 minutes... Is that a world record? Sounds like that).

So 9 wins in all, my best. Comfortably in the top 100. Had fun, good tournament, thanks to the organizers! Also, congrats to the madmen who played competitively, they are fantastic, especially Yermak.

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