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Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Thursday, 15th November 2018, 04:51
by ebering
I think Ascetic II will be impossible to implement, there is no way to see in the morgue file if player used potions/scrolls in Zot or even after picking up the orb.

The Sequell milestones report scrollsused and potionsused. So the specific version of the proposed Ascetic II that's implementable is "use no potions or scrolls after entering zot for the first time".

I don't see why 100 is a better number than 97, the latter is prime!

Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Friday, 16th November 2018, 05:44
by RoGGa
With joy1999's streak-ending 4 pts in Week 7, a handful of crawlers now have a chance at the top spot!!!

Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 14:44
by Pereza0
Thanks a lot for this! Most fun I have had with Crawl in a long time.

Hoping it won't be the last!

Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 07:28
by VeryAngryFelid
I am really impressed that people got all those extra bonuses like clearing Zig or no-Lair win while streaking non-easy combos.
Hopefully official tournaments can get something useful from CSDC.

Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Friday, 23rd November 2018, 03:50
by gammafunk
Mod Note: ebering asked that I make this writeup post on his behalf since he's only got mobile access during the Thanksgiving holiday. Also see the reddit thread about this here.

With a whirlwind finish the 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges are over. It was close until the end, with several contenders and a lot of churn on the leaderboard.

Congratulations to our winner, Ultraviolent4; hellmonk (playing as whataburgerpattymelt) for placing; and pedritolo for the show finish. The full and final standings are on the website

Once more, a big thanks to WalkerBoh for the original CSDCrules and format; to Kramin for Postquell IRC support; to mibe for heading up the replay team; and to all of you for playing.

CSDC By the numbers
Players: 251
Games Played: 1528

Runers: 115
Total Runes Collected: 1319

Winners: 75
Games Won: 182
Overall Win Rate: 11.9%

Players who earned a bonus: 101
Tier I Bonuses Awarded: 279
Tier II Bonuses Awarded: 152
15 Rune Players: 35
Zig Zaggers: 31
Speed Demons: 24
Young Zotters: 29
No Lair Winners: 10
Ascetic Runers: 10
Most 10 Point Games: joy1999 (6)
Most Weekly Bonuses: hellmonk (as whataburgerpattymelt) (19/21)
Most One-Time Bonuses: Ultraviolent4, pedritolo, Yermak (all of them earned all one-time bonuses)

CSDC Week 7 By the numbers
Combo: GhWr
Gods: Ru, Qazlal, Wu Jian Council
Bonus Tier I: Get the golden rune. Bonus Tier II: Get five runes before entering depths.

God choices (won/worship)
21/50 Ru (42%)
4/15 Qazlal (26.67%)
1/13 Wu Jian (7.69%)
1/6 Okawaru (16.67%)
1/1 Cheibriados (100%)
0/2 Makhleb (0%)
0/1 Yredelemnul (0%)
0/1 Uskayaw (0%)

Highest skill of the winners
17 Unarmed Combat
6 Fighting
2 Invocations

Sacrifices (won/taken)
18/31 purity (58.06%)
14/25 stealth (56.00%)
13/23 arcana (56.52%)
11/27 essence (40.74%)
8/17 experience (47.06%)
8/20 health (40.00%)
7/12 eye (58.33%)
7/12 skill (58.33%)
7/14 love (50.00%)
5/10 resistance (50.00%)
5/11 evocations (45.45%)
4/9 dodging (44.44%)
3/8 drink (37.50%)
2/2 courage (100.00%)
2/3 hand (66.67%)
2/3 words (66.67%)
0/1 armour (0.00%)

Fifth Runes
11 Abyssal
5 Silver
4 Golden
4 Slimy

Players: 110
Runers: 48
Winners: 27
Bonus 1: 19
Bonus 2: 23
15 Rune Winners: 7
Zig: 4
Ascetic runes: 6

Sudden Deaths
joy1999 who had posted 6 ten-point games died in Snake with no runes, wearing a cursed ring mail that could not be removed without breaking ascetic rune conduct.

Re: 0.22 Crawl Sudden Death Challenges [Signups Closed]

PostPosted: Saturday, 24th November 2018, 17:38
by Eyesburn
gammafunk wrote:1/1 Cheibriados (100%)
it was me 8-)
wanted to get both <50k and 15 runes bonus, alas didn't manage to get turns bouns, but got runes