0.16 Tournament Clans?

Official tournaments, but also any competition, challenge of the week or other player initiative for competitive crawling.

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Re: 0.16 Tournament Clans?

Bloax wrote:what if i told you my clan was supposed to be a casual "we're not gonna get anywhere" clan

i can never do anything right in tournaments

and then we won with a 1574 point lead
what the fuck >:(

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Re: 0.16 Tournament Clans?

I'll second fearitself -- thanks to cereal for setting up the clan, and to my clan-mates for their excellent play. I had fun and enjoyed checking in on the clan standings (just wish I'd been able to put together a streak at some point, but ...).
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Re: 0.16 Tournament Clans?

treerex5 wrote:
XuaXua wrote:Last time we coordinated a couple clans; I'll go see if the Chokies want to do it again.
Xua, we're not showing up.
Please fix that.

We're there; I just didn't play enough. Got sort of annoyed at the whole "half the game is rigged" situation that I didn't bother as much. Sorry.
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