Tavern Snacks are Back! (0.30)

Official tournaments, but also any competition, challenge of the week or other player initiative for competitive crawling.

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Re: Tavern Snacks are Back! (0.30)

Yeah, I join Strats. Thank you Moanerette! I would be happy to join again (if the next tournament is in a good date for me).
I would like to get at least 1 hell rune in the new hells, but that never happened. Still 3 Nemelex combo wins are ok for me. I think in the next tournament I make a break from Nemelex combos and instead try banner collection or something. I would really like to gain the Lord of Darkness 3 banner once.

It was good to play with you in a clan and watch that others has similar stupid deaths to me.

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Re: Tavern Snacks are Back! (0.30)

Sorry I didn't contribute a win; glad for those of you who did! At least I got a combo high score. Thanks again to Moanerette for organizing and looking forward to the next one!

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Re: Tavern Snacks are Back! (0.30)

Moanerette wrote:Yeah, I crashed her. Not sure why I chose a Summoner when I was already a bit Crawl fatigued, managing summons is tiring and I eventually succumbed to 'can't be arsed to play properly any more' syndrome. Still, that makes a total of ten runes gathered for me this tournament, decent by my standards.

TSO is good for Su, as all the Bless Allies stuff applies to spell/evoc summons as much as to TSO's holy summons and not much in the mid-game survives the standard array of Su summons PLUS a daeva.

Many thanks to everyone for coming together and making another fun tournament. I'll message you again for the next one unless you say otherwise. zlionsfan, would you like to be on the message list for next time as well?

Yes please! Thanks for having me - congrats to those who managed a few wins, and well done as a clan! Glad I held onto a few high scores that counted (and one that didn't); pleased I could get each of the easier runes and a little disappointed I couldn't get a couple more banners. Looking forward to next time!

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Re: Tavern Snacks are Back! (0.30)

Great stuff! I had a really good time after the last tourney's disappointment (just to remind you, my laptop blew up at the start and was out of action for a month), glad everyone else did too.

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