Catching Melee Attacks

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Catching Melee Attacks

Can anyone tell me an easy way to run code whenever the player is hit by a melee attack? I'd also need the attacker's id and how much damage was done. I've been trying to follow the combat code, but it's still not crystal clear to me.

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Re: Catching Melee Attacks

Run with a debugger (for example: gdb crawl), set a breakpoint in player::hurt (b player::hurt in gdb), then go and fight. "amount" variable is the amount of damage. Note that it can get modified later in the Attack class functions and by "fineff" effects.

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Re: Catching Melee Attacks

Looks like that file has been changed and the correct line for hurt is now here:;a=bl ... HEAD#l6458 (about 200 lines up)

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