Need Help Modding Species Aptitudes

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Need Help Modding Species Aptitudes

Basically, exactly what I said above. I've been fiddling with Crawl for a few days now, trying to find a way to mess with a few species' aptitudes. I've been digging around online trying to find a way to quickly and easily do this, but have had no luck. I'm not sure why what I want to do seems so complicated, in my (admittedly very limited) coding experience, what I'm trying to do should be as simple as finding and changing a few integers. Any help would be appreciated, whether it's a tip or two or just flat out telling me "do this".

For those interested, I'd specifically like to make it so certain species have a "preferred" weapon type, and make mummies less horrendously bad at everything.
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Re: Need Help Modding Species Aptitudes

See aptitudes.h. For example, if you wanted to give mummies a Staves aptitude of 0 (instead of the current -2), you would change:
APT(SP_MUMMY,           SK_STAVES,         -2),

APT(SP_MUMMY,           SK_STAVES,         0),

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