Deep dwarf guardian spirit shutoff

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Deep dwarf guardian spirit shutoff

I'm modding Crawl slightly, and one of the changes is that deep dwarves can regenerate (except in battle). I figured that a simple change of 3 to 2 in their innate mutations should do everything needed, but I'm finding a lot of references to deep dwarves in magic regeneration shutoffs when guardian spirit is active. Obviously, I want to fix that, but I can't find the actual piece of code that turns off mp regen when deep dwarves have guardian spirit. Where is it?
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Re: Deep dwarf guardian spirit shutoff

bool player_regenerates_mp()
    // Don't let DD use guardian spirit for free HP, since their
    // damage shaving is enough. (due, dpeg)
    if (you.spirit_shield() && you.species == SP_DEEP_DWARF)
        return false;
    // Pakellas blocks MP regeneration.
    if (have_passive(passive_t::no_mp_regen) || player_under_penance(GOD_PAKELLAS))
        return false;
    return true;

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