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Changing God Names

I went into the files to change the god names to fit some of my favorite gods from other sources (Mythology and, for one case, Elder Scrolls.), to make the game a bit more immersive for me. I got most things to show the new names, but I need help finding where I can change three instances in particular.

All the altars still have the original gods' names, and next to my character's name the original name is still there. Also, in one instance, Ashenzy warned me about a named NPC's items with the original god name.

Also, how can I add prayer dialogue to gods that don't already have some? I looked in the file for god dialogues (godspeak.txt) and formatted some prayer dialogue for one god in the same way another god's was formatted, but when my character prays it just says that god is noncommital/pleased/etc. I'm a bit new to the game so I'm not sure if that's how prayer dialogue is triggered.

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Re: Changing God Names

I think you'll need to do a case-insensitive search through the code for the exact god name you want to change. You don't need to change any variables, only parts of strings.

For example:

{ 1, "Sif Muna is helping you to conserve magic.",
"Sif Muna is no longer helping you to conserve magic." },

You would change any instance of the god name inside of quotes to your new god name. But you don't need to change stuff like this:

{ 3, ABIL_SIF_MUNA_CHANNEL_ENERGY, "tap ambient magical fields" },

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