Post Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 22:16

windows build bidirectional communication with crawl binary


I'm interested along with a friend, in using crawl binary as the core engine, and building on top of it a graphics layer that will communicate with crawl on windows.

I've seen that the project can be built with webserver=y. A web server written in python with the tornado framework communicates with crawl binary via unix socket and receives json formatted data, and in its turn communicates again via json with a browser's javasctipt.

I was wondering if it's possible instead of the webserver part to directly communicate with crawl with the socket. To read the json data..
In windows, the unix socket address family seems that must be replaced by another address family.

I've glanced the a bit, to see how it call cral and opens the WebtilesSocketConnection. Just that, have not examined it thouroghly.

Btw, this effort is not intented for commercial use. We're in this mainly because of my fellow's love for the game, and his urge to create a beautiful gfx layer.

Any help or direction in how would it be possible to read json data, and afterwards send back user's input (stdin would be the last resort, since I've read somewhere that socket can be birectional) is much appreciated.

If this gets off the way, then we should be able to continue with the fun part of building it.

Thanks in advance, cheers! :)